Mandarino di Sicilia



Crafted from precious green mandarins that are harvested early to capture their vibrant, green olfactory tones, Mandarino di Sicilia is a luminous fragrance brimming with the Mediterranean sun. The fragrance opens with the invigorating aroma of green mandarin, sparkling with an effervescent blend of bergamot, lemon, and juicy red orange. This combination wraps the scent in the brightness of a Sicilian summer, radiating intense emerald nuances and a lively freshness. In its heart, the green hue of the mandarin meets the freshness of the notes of petit-grain and spearmint in a blend that extends the fragrance's longevity. The cedarwood base note completes this green sensation, while the musk note adds a clean, sophisticated brilliance. Essential and sophisticated, a scent for those who appreciate the beauty and vibrancy of Mediterranean culture.
Mandarino di Sicilia comes in the iconic Acqua di Parma bottle, a must-have design object with Art deco influences. The glass, which is pure, luxurious, and thick, is tinged with a deep blue that, in a play of reflections, evokes the transparency of the sea.