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Free Shipping to Belgium on orders over 100€

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The suit marks its comeback

The suit marks its comeback

With the rise of streetwear, the chic and stiff suit was about to become an endangered species. And teleworking in a shirt / boxer shorts almost gave him the final blow.

With the new school year arriving, it's time to find the suit again. After an unprecedented spring, with a series of videoconferencing meetings in neglecting attire, bankers, CEOs, salespeople, officials, consultants and other lobbyists, whose functions require a share of representation, find their jacket and trousers back with tailored techniques to return in the office.

The desire to have fun with dressier clothes (which are no longer jogging pants or t-shirts) is also noticeable.

Luxury Italians like Canali, renowned in this segment, are therefore now scrambling to find the recipe that will breathe new life into the suit, playing on a print, a material, a unique cut.

Last but not least, the rescheduling of many festive events, cancelled or postponed due to covid, caused costume sales to soar.
Revisited, reinterpreted, reinvented, it is available in all ways to become a must again.

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Free Shipping to Belgium on orders over 100€

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